Iwamuro-Onsen, Niigata, Japan
Small Ryokan Komatsuya
~Country registration tangible cultural property~

For reservations, please feel free to call 81-256-82-2021or send a mail to

Please enjoy the delicious KOSHIHIKARI rice grew up in Iwamuro, the fresh Seafood from Maze port, and the famous Niigata TANREI dry sake.

We keep it in mind the taste of the season with a warm rustic.

100% pure Iwamuro Koshihikari.
We use the rice directly from local farmer.
Wide variety of local sake and the famous sake brands of Niigata.

Spring, summer, fall and winter, please enjoy the taste of the food in Niigata.

“MAZE” fishing port

Only 5-minute drive from Iwamuro-Onsen. There is a fishing port Mase, facing the Sea of ​​Japan.

It is a small fishing port, but it can take a variety of fish and shellfish throughout the year.

Special additional foods recommended

We will prepare according to your wish any additional dishes such as “Wagyu" steak and snow crab figure and incorporate sashimi.

Please feel free to contact us.

Meals, both breakfast and dinner will be served at a private room.
Take your time, enjoy your meal.